About our CEO

        Ari well known as, “The Notorious Ari”, LifeOfDollFace’s CEO, beauty career began at 20 Years Old. In 2015, Ari owned her first beauty salon on Chicago’s westside, DollFace Studios. Ari had no clue how to do hair; she just knew she wanted to own a salon since the age of 9. Ari always followed her Dream despite the negativity life had dished out. She went away to college twice only to realize her true passion was ownership. 

DollFace Studios was an amazing experience for Ari, although she had no experience in a managerial position. Ari filled all of her booths within the first nine months of business. Eight hairstylist, an assistant, a nail tech, and a barber could’ve been a bit much for any first-time business owner. Nevertheless, Ari did that--especially for her first time! 
However, all good things come to an end so better things could transpire! After opening the salon for a year and a half, Ari decided to close the salon to finish her bachelor’s degree. She received her Bachelor’s degree In Business Administration with a concentration of Entrepreneurship in May Of 2018. 
    In the meantime, Ari has been investing in her brand behind the scenes. Leaving social media curious of her next moves. The re-grand opening of DollFace Studios was held on the CEO’s birthday, June 7, of 2020. 


 Words from the CEO,
“At FAMU( THE BEST HBCU) In 2O12, I Realized I Didn’t Want To Be A College Student. I Wanted To Be My Own Boss( Which I Have Always Been If You Know, You Know). I Called My Momma Like “I’m About To Drop Out. I Want My Own Salon.” My Momma Said, “No, The Hell You Not. I Drove All Them God Damn Hours Back & Forth To Florida.” 😂😂😂 Whewww! She Knew I Had Lost My Mind But She Was Right Cause I Didn’t Do A Lick Of Hair. I Really Didn’t Plan On It Either.😂 Anywho I Started Planning Right Away. I Researched ANY & EVERYTHING About Opening A Salon. I Finally Felt Like I Found My Way! Nothing Else Really Made Me Happy But I Began Feeling Fulfilled. I Wrote Everything Down, Begin Working On My Inventory List, How To Operate Behind The Scenes...I Was 18 But I Knew What I Wanted To Do. Fast Forward March 2015, I Signed My Very First Lease On MY OWN At 20. By The Grace Of God, I’ve Been Learning My Way Ever Since. Nothing About Becoming An Entrepreneur Is Easy But It’s So Perfect For Me. Hard work, Determination, Ambition, And Relentlessness Is All It Takes And That’s All I Got! After 3 Years Of Being Closed, Due To Graduating With My Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration With A Concentration of Entrepreneurship, Graduating from Paul Mitchell in Cosmetology, & Really Figuring Out My Life. This Is My 3rd Salon Opening. I’m Beyond Grateful & Beyond Blessed. I Pray God Continue To Keep In His Hands On My Life & My Businesses. Humbled Beginnings❣️ #DollFaceStudios #LifeOfDollFace #BossLady #BlackGirlsRock #DoYoShitSis #ForeverARattler #HBCU #FAMU #BusinessOwner #ItCostToBeTheBoss .”